Antiques Roadshow expert at Thoresby

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BBC Antiques Roadshow firearms and militaria specialist Bill Harriman was reunited with former comrades in the South Nottinghamshire Hussars when he answered questions about exhibits in the new military museum which is due to open in Nottinghamshire in late spring.

As a former Territorial Army Officer with The South Nottinghamshire Hussars and the Sherwood Rangers, Nottinghamshire born Bill was guest of honour at a special event (on March 17) for Friends and supporters of the museum, currently taking shape in the Thoresby Courtyard, which will chronicle the history of the Queen’s Royal Lancers and the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry.

Bill, who appears in the Antiques Roadshow eight times a year, gave his view on exhibits from the three regimental collections which will be on display at the museum, including pistols, muskets, cavalry swords and muskets used in famous military campaigns including the American War of Independence.

He was introduced by Colonel Tim Richmond, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, a trustee of the museum, and his former commanding officer in the South Notts Hussars.

A nationally recognised expert in firearms, ballistics and related matters, Bill is Director of Firearms for the British Association of Shooting and Conservation.

“I had the best part of 20 very happy years with the TA in Nottinghamshire,” said Bill, who believes the idea of opening a museum which will be the guardian of the region’s military heritage, is absolutely fantastic.

Created by the Queen’s Royal Lancers and the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry, which is made up of The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry and The South Nottinghamshire Hussars, in partnership with the Stonebridge Trust, the museum tells the human, social and military history of the Regiments as well as the ongoing story of the British army today.

A unique collection of arms, uniforms, medals, silver and paintings illustrate the role that the local regiments have played in the great battles of the last three centuries.

Pictured is BBC Antiques Roadshow firearms and militaria expert Bill Harriman, centre, discussing the origins of the ‘blunderbuss’ with Colonel Tim Richmond and Colonel Murray Colville from The Queen’s Royal Lancers & Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum at Thoresby.