Anthony (73) planning a 75-mile ‘stroll’ from Skegness to Mansfield

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A pensioner who has fought off cancer has set himself his latest walking challenge from Skegness to Mansfield, but suggests the 75-mile journey could be a mere ‘stroll’.

Anthony Allsop, who is 73-years-old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ago but has slowly battled his way back to fitness and is in remission.

Each year he sets himself a walking challenge, and is planning to hike from the coast back his home in Little Barn Lane in Mansfield.

He will start his walk on the day he and his wife, Beryl, and two friends, finish a short holiday in Skegness.

“They will get the bus back, and I’ll start walking,” said the retired floor tiler.

“I just want to keep on walking for as long as I can, because I won’t be able to when I get too old.

“I’ve actually done a lot further walks, I’ve done the coast to coast and walked from John O’Groats to Land’s End when I was 53.

“If the weather is nice, this could be a stroll!

“But I’m going to do it regardless. It might be a bit different if there’s two feet of snow!

“Normally, it would take me three days but I’m looking to do 18-20 miles a day over four days.

“Lincolnshire is quite flat so it shouldn’t be that difficult.

“I have done a walk every year and for most people it would seem a bit of a distance, but to me it’s only a little walk!”

Setting off at the end of March, Anthony is planning on staying at guest houses en route, as well as his grandson’s at Newark on the final night before setting off on the last leg back to Mansfield.

As a keen walker, he has joined rambling groups in the past, but admits he prefers walking alone.

“I don’t like walking and talking, I think it’s the solitude that I enjoy!”

However, the walk could be a simple warm up for the challenge he is planning for two years time- when he is hoping to lace up his boots to stomp the 874 miles again between John O’Groats and Land’s End.

“I would aim to do that in around 50 days, it would usually be 40 but I’ll be older then!

“You get plenty of blisters doing that walk, for this one from Skegness, I might not get any - I won’t even get a hole in my sock I shouldn’t think!