Another 10 things that prove you’re from Mansfield

You want more proof of how you know you’re from Mansfield?

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 25th November 2015, 3:06 pm
Kings Mill Hospital.
Kings Mill Hospital.

1) A school trip to Hardwick Hall is written into the statute books

2) Nottingham is seen as some kind of gold-paved, 24-hour buzzing metropolis

3) It’s Bentick Memorial not Bentink.

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4) You boast to visitors that Robin Hood is from around here but you’ve never made the trip up the road to Edwinstowe for a look at the Major Oak

5) When you have a work lunch it’s a fuddle, not a buffet

6) You go on about how great Mansfield Bitter is but secretly you like a pint of lager as much as the next man.

7) It’s New Huffton. Never New Houghton. But it’s Boughton. Never Buffton. Work that one out!

8) Ollerton is a long, long way away and inhabited largely by Scottish people.

9) You wouldn’t go to Sutton if your life depended on it. Unless you had to go to King’s Mill Hospital. Which you still insist is in Mansfield anyway.

10) Chesterfield is evil and must be avoided at all costs.