Annesley Woodhouse fire tackled by nearly 200 firefighters

Annesley Forest Fire
Annesley Forest Fire

NEARLY 200 firefighters from across Nottinghamshire and beyond were called into action when an area of woodland in Annesley Woodhouse caught fire last week.

The blaze started on land, off Weavers Lane, at around 5.10pm on Tuesday and affected an area of woodland that measured around 200m by 300m.

It took firefighters more than 24 hours to extinguish the flames and damp down the area, which was very dry due to the lack of recent rainfall.

The remote location of the fire meant that getting water to the site was more difficult than usual, with around 2.8km of hosepipe needed.

Water carriers were used to transport water and firefighters also used beaters to put out the flames.

Rachael Banks, community safety advocate at Mansfield for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “This incident clearly highlights the problems associated with forest fires, particularly when the weather is so dry and fires start and spread very quickly.

“We can have difficulties getting fire engines close to the scene, and we don’t always have ready access to water supplies, which means we have to bring it in specially.

“More than 40 fire crews were involved in tackling this incident over a 24-hour period – that’s almost 200 firefighters.

“Yet fires like this can be prevented if people take care with cigarette ends, matches, camp fires and barbecues and don’t leave litter lying around which can easily catch fire.”

Earlier this summer a new initiative was launched to improve the information available to firefighters called to fires in forests.