Annesley family devastated after horse and dog killed by trains

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An Annesley woman left devastated after her horse and dog were killed by trains on the same line a day apart has blamed a rail company.

Jenny Morley was heartbroken after her 30-year-old pony Alby was killed when he strayed from her livery yard in Annesley to railway lines beside it on Thursday.

Just a day later, her one- year old jack russell, Jack, died after another train hit him on the same line.

Jenny says her livery yard, which has 42 horses, has had an electric fence installed to prevent horses straying onto the tracks, but claims Network Rail has ignored requests to properly secure its side of the track.

She said: “We put our own electric fence up, but some ponies are immune from that sort of thing.”

And she claimed she was told to remove the horse’s remains herself, so the train could continue.

She said: “It was very traumatic .

“The police filled several bin liners with the remains of the horse, but Network Rail didn’t clean it up properly.”

She said she was heartbroken when her dog later went on the track, attracted by the remains of the horse, and was killed by another train.

Jenny said: “We have complained for years about the fencing on their side being unsafe and they haven’t done anything.

“Our gates were shut and we have put up our own fencing.”

A Network Rail spokesman said: “We understand this is a distressing incident and our sympathies go to all those affected by it.

“Shortly before noon on Thursday, January 3 a driver reported they had struck a horse at Warren House level crossing.

“Network Rail workers attended the scene along with our contractors to inspect the crossing and clear the area.

“The crossing was inspected, but as it was dark, Network Rail planned to visit site in daylight to carry out another check. This visit took place shortly before 1pm on Friday.

“On Saturday we were made aware a dog had been struck by a train at the crossing that morning. An additional check of the area then took place that afternoon.”

The spokesman added: “I have checked our logs and we haven’t had any reports of damaged fencing at this location.”