Animal rights protestors demonstrate at Rainworth circus

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Animal rights protestors waved banners and handed out leaflets at the weekend to demonstrate against a travelling circus.

The group gathered close to Rainworth Miners Welfare on Saturday afternoon to object to the Circus Mondao that had pitched up for six days off Kirklington Road.

The circus is only one of two left in the UK with a licence to use animals as part of their shows.

And their presence felt the wrath of ROAR (Reaching Out for Animal Rights) and other local groups, they carried a banner reading ‘Your fun is their misery’.

Pleasley man, David Sommerville, who is an active animal rights campaigner said: “This circus still use animals such as horses, zebras, camels and reindeer.

“It’s the very nature of it, the training they use, they have these animals jumping through hoops. The animals do it out of fear basically.

“They are not in their natural environment and they are not free to display any of their natural behaviour.

“And the fact they are being transported around is simply not right.”

David said the group were there for about an hour but were happy with the feedback they received from people, especially those who were going to watch the show.

“We had a really positive response from people,” he added. There were a lot of families going to watch the show, and most of them were not aware.

“Some were really surprised that animals were being used.

“There are not as many circuses using animals but unfortunately some still exist.”

The circus defends their decision to use animals on their website.

They say they have seven Government-registered animal trainers and are regularly visited by two vets.

They say the animals are the last to be loaded up when moving locations and are first to be unloaded on arrival to graze.