Animal ban for Warsop mum after rabbit had maggot infestation

Mansfield Court House.
Mansfield Court House.

A WARSOP mum has been banned from keeping small caged animals for two years after one of her pet rabbits became infested by maggots.

Sandra O’Brien (51), of Top Sandy Lane, looked after several rabbits for her children, but found a new home for them after the youngsters lost interest in looking after them.

The new owner took one of the rabbits to the vets as it was in poor health after becoming unwell with flystrike - a maggot infestation of the animal.

An RSPCA officer visited O’Brien’s house on 25th August but found the other rabbits were in good health, were well fed and well looked after.

In mitigation, Emma Goodall said that O’Brien had made a mistake and was mortified the rabbit became ill.

She said that O’Brien was scared of this particular female rabbit and did not like to pick it up which is why she had not noticed its deterioration in health.

“She made a total mistake as a result of total ignorance,” she said. “She was mortified that an animal in her care had got flystrike.

“She is very remorseful about what happened for herself and the animal.”