...AND ANOTHER THING: Reality cheque, who is interested really?

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I can’t be certain, but when the first ever camera was shown to the world in the 19th century, I suspect someone was stood there waiting with a big novelty cheque.

This marvellous landmark moment in technology that would change how we documented the world forever, marred by an oversized piece of card with pretend bank numbers written on it.

Well done, they undoubtedly deserve the credit for their efforts in raising the money, but please, can we just ditch the big cheque picture now?

Speaking on behalf of every newspaper in the land, not a day passes without a call from someone wanting a photographer for their personal presentation.

You know the ones...six people grinning, handing over an oversized pretend cheque for a good cause.

Don’t get me wrong, their efforts are noble and deserve recognition, but there’s surely a better way to document it than to simply give free advertising to Nat West or Barclays?

Maybe these photographs were once a cornerstone of local newspapers, and are still perfect page fillers for those free community magazines delivered through your door.

But in an internet-savvy world awash with snaps and apps, the old ‘cheque pres’ has become a symbol of yesterday’s news.

We’re in the business of attracting people to the stories, and the photograph attached is a massive part of that.

Quite simply, novelty cheques don’t cut it anymore.

They have become such commonplace, and are so predictable and two-dimensional, they do little to draw the eye or capture the imagination.

So if you’re planning on raising money, get in touch, but can we leave the big cheque back at the bank please.