Ambulances involved in 450 collisions

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East Midlands ambulances were involved in nearly 500 crashes last year, new figures reveal.

A Freedom of Information request revealed vehicles owned by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS)suffered 458 collisions during 2013-14.

With one pedestrian injured in the past 12 months, people are being reminded to be wary of paramedics as they rush to manage life-and-death situations.

The Nottingham division had relatively few accidents - 80 in total - testament to the efforts of our heroes on the road. Six accidents were while paramedics changed lanes and four while overtaking other drivers.

Phil Morris, for EMAS, said it was obviously important to view the figures in context.

He added: “We attend over 2,000 emergency calls daily.

“EMAS vehicles covered well over a million miles, the vast majority of which were undertaken travelling on “blues and twos” either to the scene of an incident or whilst rushing patients to hospital.

“This inevitably increases the likelihood of an accident happening through speed, poor weather conditions or the actions of other drivers.”