AMBER PEAT: Family say officer ‘deserved to be fired’

The family of Amber Peat has told Chad that the police officer who texted details about her death before they were made public deserved to get the sack.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th October 2015, 3:59 pm
Amber Peat
Amber Peat

PC Samantha Goodwin was dismissed from Nottinghamshire Police today following a misconduct hearing in which she admitted five allegations dating back to 2012.

These included racist comments and taking a photo of a person in custody and texting it to an acquaintance.

However, one of the five allegations related to her text messaging details of tragic Amber Peat after her body was found hanging in woods off Westfield Lane in June.

Lynda and Adrian Cook, stepmother and biological father of Amber Peat.

The officer passed on information and told the recipient to keep quiet because it was not public knowledge. She described the situation as ‘heartbreaking’.

Speaking to the Chad, Lynda Cook, wife of Amber’s biological father Adrian Cook, said: “She deserved to get the sack after what she has done.

“Amber was disrespected enough when she was alive and some policewoman went and did exactly the same when she was found.

“She might not have said anything derogatory about Amber’s case but she still passed on information which was confidential.

“I’m disgusted to be honest but pleased that Nottinghamshire Police have dealt with it like they have.

“May it be a lesson learn for all other police officers that this behaviour won’t be tolerated.”