Alfreton residents face 3.8 per cent Council Tax hike

ALFRETON residents face a 3.8 per cent hike in what it pays in Council Tax to the town council from April.

The decision by Alfreton Town Council to raise its budget for the forthcoming financial year with a precept of £137,867 has been blamed on the agenda set by the Coalition Government.

Alfreton Town Council leader Scott Walker said the authority will need the extra funds for work on the area’s neighbourhood planning process.

“We had hoped, because of the economic climate we all find ourselves in, to create a budget with no increase, however, we are aware that the Coalition Government’s localism and big society agenda has introduced a process of neighbourhood planning, which is part of its decentralisation programme,” he said.

“We, on the town council, feel that to be able to stand up for Alfreton on what could be vital matters, we need to have the funds available to examine the neighbourhood planning process, and to enable preparation work to commence.

“We have added an additional £5,000 in our budgets which has brought about the 3.8 per cent increase.”

Coun Marlene Bennett, Alfreton’s town mayor, said “We have really wrestled with this year’s town council precept and as a council, we had set ourselves the task of avoiding any increase in cost to local people,” he said.

“We are keen to maintain the services which we provide to the public and local people have told us that they want Amber Valley Borough Council to continue to maintain the public conveniences and that they were not prepared to see an increase in the town council’s costs to fund what they see as a borough council function.

“I hope that Amber Valley Borough Council will listen to public opinion and continue to maintain the toilets.”

Coun Bennett has also thanked residents for participating in the town council’s survey and the full results are set to be published by clicking