Alfreton man jailed for breaching restraining order on ex-partner

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AN ALFRETON man who breached a restraining order by contacting his ex-partner has been handed another jail sentence.

A two-year order was imposed on John Picken in March when he was jailed for assaulting the female.

But, following release from custody, he went to her address in Alfreton, on 11th August, Chesterfield magistrates were told.

He was alleged to have assaulted her and damaged her property on that occasion, but he was acquitted of those offences following a trial.

But he admitted breaching the order by staying at her address and breaching a suspended prison sentence.

Picken (38), of no fixed address, was jailed for a total of 19 weeks and a new, three-year restraining order was imposed.

The court heard that he had already served the equivalent of a 16-week term by spending two months in custody on remand. That time will be deducted from his sentence.

Mike Treharne, prosecuting, said: “While she doesn’t concede this, it seems likely he has gone to the address on other occasions. It may be mitigation if she has connived with that.

“When the two are together a volatile situation arises - that is inarguable - and the order is intended to prevent that happening,” said Mr Treharne.

Picken’s solicitor, Julian Hammond, said: “At the trial he maintained he was at her address by her invitation. She accepted this and then said she was confused.

“Her evidence was not accepted as reliable and he stands to be sentenced on the basis he was invited there.”