Alfreton man blames drink for restraining order breach

AN Alfreton man who contacted his ex-partner in defiance of a restraining order blamed the offence on drink.

Neil Pare and the woman separated after he assaulted her in 2009, prosecutor Sarah Haslam told Chesterfield magistrates.

He then harassed her and, in January of last year, he was given a one-year restraining order prohibiting him from contacting her.

But on 12th January - two weeks before the order was due to expire - he phoned her, saying he wanted to know if she was alright and have a chat.

“She said she was busy and had someone with her. He said he knew someone was in the house with her,” said Mrs Haslam.

Police were informed and Pare, (54), of Lower Somercotes, Alfreton, was arrested. He told police he was very drunk when he called her.

He admitted breaching a restraining order and was fined £115, with £85 costs. He must pay £50 compensation to the woman and the bench imposed a new, indefinite restraining order.

Pare told the court they had an ‘on-off’ relationship after he was convicted of assaulting her but he made no contact with her for a year before making the call.

“She has tried to make out that I was spying on her which is totally untrue. It wasn’t until that afternoon I saw her pushing a pram and it got me thinking a bit,” said Pare.

He was aware she was not alone in the house because he heard a child crying in the background when he called her.

He added that he was drunk when he made the call and thought the restraining order had expired.

“I won’t breach the order again, not now I know about the baby and she’s okay. That’s okay for me now,” added Pare.