Act now or it will be lost forever

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Mansfield District Council, I am totally appalled and disgusted at your continued attitude towards the “Mill Dam” at Warsop.

This is a local, well loved beauty spot and is adored and loved by all the people in our area and many more from far and wide, with people travelling 10’s of miles just to have their lunch there. It as been here for many years and is even mentioned in the Doomsday Book and is a fabulous, small, wildlife hot spot.

However, with your lack of maintenance over the last 25 years, it has now left us in a very real danger of losing it. With the state that it is now in, if something is not done NOW it will be gone and lost forever.

The build up of silt, caused by you not cleaning out the silt trap, as now left the Dam virtually cut off from the river and very close to being “filled in”. What was the point of building the trap if you never had any intention of cleaning it out. If it was cleaned out every couple of years, over the last 25 years, at very little cost per year, then we would not be it the position we are in now and requiring a large amount of money to rectify it.

It started to be a concern over 10 years ago and in this time, The Friends of the Carrs (FotC) group has canvassed you to maintain and rectify the problem. 10 years down the line we are no better off and are now in a dire situation. As well as MDC staff I am hugely disappointed by the inactivity of our local councillors to address the situation and to actively campaign on our behalf, knowing that this is a huge concern for the people who voted for them.

You are responsible for the parks in our area, but have consistently and spectacularly failed in your duty to the people of Warsop to maintain their focal point. In this time you have spent many millions of pounds on the formal parks such as Titchfield Park, Carr Bank, Yeoman Hill etc. The Carrs is not a formal park and therefore requires very little money spent on it, compared to the others, to maintain to a standard we expect. We also pay our rates and expect at least some to be channelled to our beauty spot and not all spent on the Mansfield parks.

Although the responsibility of yourselves to maintain the area you have basically said to the friends group: sort it yourself. This is not in the remit of any friends group, but because of the love of the area they have got stuck in (AGAIN) and are liaising with contractors and applying for more funding. This has got to the final stages (AGAIN) and once AGAIN spanners are thrown in the works. As it is the property of you, your signature is required on certain forms, time is running out for the funding and will be lost without these forms. All you have to do is sign, Why are you delaying (or refusing) to do this and just passing the forms around saying you don’t have time.

If successful the friends group, legally, cannot receive the money themselves, so the money as to go into your account, yet you are asking for £5000 as an administration fee, from the friends group, to do this, what’s that all about.

Why are you, MDC, acting this way? Money is being raised and contractors liaised with to try and maintain YOUR property at little or no cost to you, what is your problem?

Eric Hill

Church Warsop