A38 CRASH: Witness tells of scene after fatal motorbike crash

Witnesses and social media users have been expressing their sadness after a motorbiker died in a crash on the A38 yesterday.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 22nd August 2016, 3:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:26 pm
Traffic built up on the A-road before police cleared the accident site. (Image: Twitter @SarahTiser)
Traffic built up on the A-road before police cleared the accident site. (Image: Twitter @SarahTiser)

The layout of the stretch of road on the A38 near Swanwick has been blamed by some people after the male motorcyclist hit a lorry yesterday morning (August 21).

Some have stated on social media that the motorcyclist, who is yet to be named by police but believed to be in his 40s, followed the lorry into the lay-by expecting the HGV was turning into the junction.

A witness has spoken of how onlookers rushed to help the biker after the accident.

The scene after a fatal RTC involving a motorcycle and an HGV on the A38 in Derbyshire. (Source: Twitter @PaulReevesEA)

Jane Brown, 50, was travelling to her home in Devon as she passed the incident moments after it took place.

She said: "It had just happened as we went by.

"The motorcyclist was on the floor, there was blood everywhere and they were pumping at his chest," she added, describing a member of the public trying to administer CPR before paramedics arrived.

"The back end of the lorry was on fire, the motorbike was on fire.

The scene after a fatal RTC involving a motorcycle and an HGV on the A38 in Derbyshire. (Source: Twitter @PaulReevesEA)

"I've never seen anything like it. It made us feel sick because we knew it was too horrific, there was no hope at all for him.

"There were three or four paramedics, and people were getting out of their vehicles and some were helping.”

Jane, who was travelling with her two daughters, 12 and 23, at the time, said luckily her youngest was asleep in the back as the drama unfolded, and the full-time mum sent her wishes to the motorcyclist’s family.

"We're so sorry for the loss of life," she added.

Motorists and users on social media have sent their condolences to the motorbiker’s family, while others have called for action as the lay-by, a short distance before the slip-road for the A610 to Ripley and Nottingham, has seen accidents in the past as some drivers turn in after seeing signs for the junction.

Sean Herring said: "If this turns out to be another case of the lay-by being too near to the junction so that people think it's the slip road there needs to be changes made."

And Russell Hubber commented: "Just guessing but looks as if biker may not have been able to see past the HGV and followed the lorry into the lay-by, not expecting him to stop thinking it was the slip road.”

He added that the accident was 'so terribly sad, and avoidable.'

Carolynn Rudd said: "Lost my dad in the same way.... Prayers and thoughts for the family."

And Carmen Espejo said: "Tragic news and so sad to read this."

Rachel Oates from Nottingham said: "My sincere condolences to the family of this tragic accident in which their loved one was taken.

Loki Tee said: "Sad news in tragic circumstances - deepest sympathy to the family and friends"

A police statement said: "At around 10.46am on Sunday, August 21, a road traffic collision occurred on the A38 southbound at Swanwick. A motorcyclist travelling towards Swanwick, ridden by a male rider, collided with a lorry, which was stationary in the lay-by. As a result of the collision the rider has suffered fatal injuries.

"Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who saw the vehicles or any other vehicles that may have been involved to contact them, quoting incident number 282 of August 21 and ask for the collision investigation unit."