A taste of victory for Janice

Janice Overton celebrates winning Come Dine with Me
Janice Overton celebrates winning Come Dine with Me
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A MANSFIELD beauty therapist cooked up a storm in the kitchen and came out on top of Channel 4’s popular TV show ‘Come Dine With Me’.

Janice Overton scooped the £1,000 prize after the four other Nottinghamshire-based contestants on last week’s programmes gave her the highest total score for her 1970s themed evening.

Janice (52), of Nelson Close, Mansfield, said: “I didn’t imagine that I would win.

“I have always cooked but never anything spectacular so to win it was quite an achievement for me - I was ever so excited when I won.”

Janice said that she decided to enter the programme after a leaflet appealing for contestants for the show came through the door of her salon - The Beauty and Nail Studio, on Church Side.

“Because I have started entertaining a bit more I thought I would have a go,” she said.

“And because I watch the programme all the time.”

The making of the show was nothing like Janice thought it would be, being more scripted and choreographed than it seems on television - even down to the production team dressing her up as Cleopatra for one episode and instructing the contestants what to talk about over dinner.

However it was Janice’s idea to have a 70s theme and she was pleased that the food preparation went smoothly.

“I am quite into the 70s - it was my era,” she said.

“The cooking all went to plan and was quite easy really as it was mostly done when the guests arrived.”

Despite some strong personalities among the contestants, they all got on and keep in touch on Facebook.

Said Janice: “We got on well - we all had a laugh and there was no nastiness round the table at all. It didn’t make that good television in that sense because I think they put you together hoping you won’t get along.”

In fact the nastiest comment that Janice’s guests could make about her was that her house was too clean!

Janice has spent her prize paying off some bills and giving some cash to her two sons, Scott (29) and Ben (24).

She said that she very much enjoyed being on the show.

“The best bits were meeting everybody and the whole experience of it - laughing and going out every night.

“I have never laughed so much in my life as in that week,” she added.