A Nottinghamshire mum gives knife crime advice for parents

A mum is urging parents to be aware of the signs their children are becoming involved in knife crime.
Mum gives advice on knife crimeMum gives advice on knife crime
Mum gives advice on knife crime

Jo Wynter, 38, from Bestwood Park, took positive steps to bring her son back from the brink of joining a gang after she noticed his behaviour started changing.

The 17-year-old is now back on track and studying for a qualification in construction at college.

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Jo, a nursery nurse, said: "I had to intervene when he started wearing bags and clothing that weren't his. He started staying out and turning his phone off and bringing items home that weren't his. I started hearing about his life outside the home so I just had enough one day and used my knowledge I had learnt myself to get him back on track to a normal life.

"He didn't get into trouble for carrying a knife, but I got to know he started to carry one. I found it and got rid of it.

"I also helped his friend - a boy aged 17 - who was fully groomed and immersed into the gang life, which he had been in and out of since 11 years old and got into trouble for joint enterprise involving a stabbing.

"He used to walk around with a machete and he was taken over county lines. I got him to realise. I had to help him out with his feelings. It was just talking to him and giving him guidance that helped him out. He had to go through a period of people realising he's not in a gang anymore and he's not running for anyone now.

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"I got him back into college to do his maths and English so he can do sports level one next year and got him back into a football team."

Jo speaks candidly about her experience in this video and gives advice to other parents on spotting the signs and where they can get support.

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