A new eye for Myah

Myah Hauxwell, 2 with her new right eye.
Myah Hauxwell, 2 with her new right eye.

A Mansfield Woodhouse toddler born without her right eye as been given a new lease of life thanks to big-hearted fundraisers who raised £4,000 to buy her a new one.

Myah Hauxwell who is almost three was born with a rare genetic condition called micropthamia - small eye syndrome - which meant her right eye never developed and she was born without one.

But to look at her now you would never believe Myah has a false eye.

The beaming tot lights up a room as she giggles to her mum Lauren. Her new prosthetic is a perfect match.

Her mum, beautician Lauren Burrows said: “She is back to her normal self now her old eye didn’t set - it fell out and gathered dust. She was constantly poorly with infections and crying. It was so tender an we constantly had to put drops in it.

“Now People now can’t even tell she has got one in.

“I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of support we have had.”

Myah has been through major surgery over the past two years to expand the socket so her face would not be misshapen.

However her last prosthetic eye funded by the NHS was too small and was constantly giving her infections.

She will probably have to have a new one every two years until she is 18.

Lauren, 30 was forced to seek help from a private clinic after Myah refused to sit for an NHS appointment to have a mould for a new prosthetic fitted earlier in the year.

She said: At the moment Myah doesn’t sit through her NHS appointments. They want to put her through a local anaesthetic and do the moulding in a 20 minute appointment an it has been too much for her to bear.

The private surgeon uses methods the NHS doesn’t offer.

Lauren hopes that the event will help raise awareness of Myah’s condition.

She said: “Next year there will be another fundraiser and if Myah then goes through the NHS I will donate the money to another child so they can go private too.

“This eye is unbelievable, all the infections have stopped and she has not been poorly half as much.

“The surgeon in Nottingham gave us the eye on August 12 before we paid the money.

“The £4,000 will pay for her treatment until she is five years old. The eye will have to be cleaned, re-surfaced and tweaked as she gets older. He has taken really good care of her.

“It now depends how quickly she grows - it could be two years before she needs a new one.” To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/myahs-eye