A Mansfield woman feels vulnerable after her cat has gone missing

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After putting up posters to try and find her missing cat the owner has been “creeped out” by phone calls.

Julie Smith, 36, of Clipstone, realised her cat was missing after she went away for work one night at the end of September and Jessica the four-year-old tabby cat has not been seen since Monday 21.

Mrs Smith said: “I got Jessica at a time when I was off work sick with depression. Cuddling and fussing her really helped me and we have such a close bond.

“I feel heartbroken and worried sick where she might be or what has happened to her.

“I need her back or at least some closure to know what has happened.”

Posters were put up in the area to trying and find the missing cat and included Mrs Smith’s mobile number.

She has received text messages at midnight and early hours of the morning from the same number.

“Now maybe this person does want to help me find my cat but I was creeped out by the persistent questions I was being asked about where I live.

“If someone doesn’t have any information about my Jessica then why do they keep ringing me.

“It’s not nice to be worrying about the calls on top of everything else.”

Mrs Smith has contacted the police about the harassing calls and now just wants to focus on finding her cat.

“This is so out of character for her, she always comes home and she loves bringing us birds and teasing the dog so this is not like her.

“She has a collar on so even if she had been hot by a car someone should ring me and let me know.”

If any ones has seen Jessica please contact Julie Smith on Facebook.