A Mansfield nature trail closed after bacteria found in sewage is found on a path

The path has been closed from Old Mill Lane to the other side of the stone bridge
The path has been closed from Old Mill Lane to the other side of the stone bridge

Mansfield District Council has closed a section of the Maun Valley Trail and car park off Old Mill Lane, Forest Town, as a precautionary measure after bacteria was found in water on the path.

The path has been closed from Old Mill Lane to the other side of the stone bridge that goes over the River Maun. Fencing and closure signs have been put up at all access points in this location.

The council’s Environmental Health team has been investigating reports of a water leak in the area.

Water samples were taken and Public Health England tests revealed bacteria consistent with the presence of sewage.

Deputy Mayor Mick Barton, who is councillor for Maun Valley ward, said: "We take the health and safety of our residents very seriously and have closed the path as soon as possible after test results came back.

"As long as people have good hygiene standards the risk to residents remains low but we would advise those who have been in this area recently to take additional precautionary measures.

"This includes washing anything that has come into direct contact with the water on this section of path – such as walking boots, bicycle or pushchair wheels and dogs’ paws."

The risk of infection is low as long as people wash their hands before eating, drinking or smoking.

The council has not received any reports of illness in connection with this incident, but anyone who has been in that area and develops symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea should seek medical advice.

The council is working with the owners of nearby private properties and in liaison with the Environment Agency and Severn Trent to ensure the matter is resolved as quickly as possible. The path and car park will remain closed until after the source of any leak has been identified and fixed.

This area is the lowest point in a valley, known locally as Flood Dykes. Although some flooding in this area is not unusual, the recent warm weather highlighted a possible leak. This flooding is not the result of any improvement work carried out on the route by Mansfield District Council in January 2017.

Anyone who has specific concerns should contact the Environmental Health team on 01623 463189.