A holiday in Mansfield? Très Bien!!

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Where do French travellers go on holiday?

Easy answer...Mansfield.

Around 15 caravans from the continent have appeared on a patch of land next to The Golden Eagle pub on Sherwood Oaks Business Park, off Southwell Road West, in recent days.

A huge concrete bollard to prevent access has been moved.

When approached by Chad, they were perfectly courteous but declined to speak. However, they did say they were travellers from France, on holiday, and were planning on moving on Thursday, 7th May.

However, their time on the Midlands Riviera has not been much to write a postcard home about.

Despite some sunshine, the region has been battered by gale force winds and driving rain today, with the same forecast for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Hayley Barsby, head of housing services at Mansfield District Council, said: “Members of our community safety team will be visiting the site to carry out welfare checks, which we are required to do by law.

“We will then establish the ownership of the land and work with the travellers and landowner to deal with the situation.”