50th milestone for Shirebrook couple

Mick and Maureen Layton.
Mick and Maureen Layton.

An evening at the fair and a few drinks was the perfect end to the wedding day of Shirebrook couple Michael and Maureen Layton, who celebrated their golden anniversary on Friday.

The couple were childhood sweethearts and met each other when they lived on neighbouring streets Portland Road and Ashbourne Street,

Mick and Maureen Layton.

Mick and Maureen Layton.

After both went to Brookfield Junior school, Mr Layton went to Carter Lane School and was a keen footballer, playing for North-East Derbyshire Boys.

He also went on to represent Nottinghamshire at darts, reaching the World Masters quarter-final.

Mrs Layton attended Shirebrook Model Village where she was a keen athlete.

As romance blossomed, the couple were married at Holy Trinity Church Shirebrook on 28th March 1964.

They had a reception at Mrs Layton’s mother’s before visiting the fair and then the White Swan Hotel.

“We didn’t have any money to go on a honeymoon, but we had a great evening. I won on the darts and the hook-a-duck, but we didn’t go on any rides as we were in our wedding gear,” said Mr Layton.

Mrs Layton added: “It was a lovely day and, as it was the day of the Grand National, the fellas went off to the bookies after the service!”

Mr and Mrs Layton, aged 69 and 68 respectively, first lived together on Station Road followed by Morris Street and, since 1972, on Thickley Close.

Mr Layton worked as a miner at Shirebrook Colliery between 1961 and 1988, while Mrs Layton worked at Wain’s Fruit shop, Marsden’s grocers and as a school cleaner at Shirebrook Central School.

The couple have two children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and celebrated with a buffet for 100 guests at Shirebrook Staff Sports and Social Club.