400 homes plan will ‘crucify’ Warsop

Residents of Warsop voice their concerns regarding plans to build new housing
Residents of Warsop voice their concerns regarding plans to build new housing

One of the founding members of a campaign group opposing 400 new homes in Warsop says the proposal would ‘crucify’ the village.

A new planning application has been submitted to Mansfield District Council for permission to build on land next to Stonebridge Lane, would provide up to 400 houses, along with public open space, allotments and landscaping.

The same developers, Haworth Estates, submitted a similar proposal in last year, which was rejected by the council in June.

The planning committee said due to its scale location and impact on local infrastructure the application would undermine the process for the emerging Mansfield District Local Plan.

Developers met fierce opposition from many residents due to concerns about increased traffic and parking, and flooding, as well as the site’s proximity to a site of special scientific interest.

Debra Barlow, one of the founding members of Let Warsop Speak said: “We’re not opposed to new homes being built but not on such a large scale. A smaller development, and more affordable housing, would be preferable.

“The area just can’t cope with 400 more homes, that’s approximately 1,000 more people using the infrastructure and services.

There is a shortage of GPs, which has not been properly addressed.”

“It really is not a case of not im my back yard. We are objecting because Warsop just can’t cope with this many new houses.

“It seems as if the application has been reworded, rather than any major changes being made. It’s beggar’s belief, it would crucify the place.”

She urged residents to oppose the new proposal - as objections made on the previous application will not be taken into account.

She said: “We know you’re all busy with Christmas but it’s our opinion that’s why the application has gone in now. Please don’t put off raising your objections.

“If you have previously commented on a similar application at this location you should still forward comments in respect of the current application as comments are not carried forward from previous applications.”

The closure date for comments on the planning application is December 28.