£1m Help For Heroes appeal launched in Mansfield

A campaign to raise £1,000,000 in one day for the Help for Heroes charity has been launched - after the success of the Mansfield Heroes march backed by Chad two years ago.

The campaign, called March for Heroes, aims to get 250 cities, towns and villages all marching on 3rd September to raise funds for injured servicemen and women.

The first march has already been organised to take place in Mansfield, where the campaign has been thought up by PR agency, Parker PR.

The plan is to use a template based on the successful march held in in 2009 to raise funds for the Mansfield’s Heroes Memorial Fund.

Graham Parker, from Parker PR, explained the thinking behind the ambitious plans. “When we held the march for the Memorial Fund, we collected nearly £4,000 on a cold day in December.

If we can do that in one town we can do it in 249 others as well. We have drafted a plan for people to follow when organising a march.

“It really is not that difficult to arrange and because we have done it all before the template makes it so much simpler. “Each march needs a band, serving and ex-services personnel and lots of people with buckets on the streets. Our serving men and women need our support and what better way to show that than to raise £1,000,000 in one day?”

The whole campaign is dependent on volunteers committing to organising a march and collecting donations. Every penny raised will be going to Help for Heroes.

The Mansfield march will be headed by the Seaforth Highlanders, the same pipe and drum band that lead the march in the town in 2009.

“We are trying to make it as easy as possible for people in staging their own March for Heroes. Our website www.marchforheroes.org.uk has links to key information sites where people can get in touch with bands, Royal British Branches and much more. Our Facebook page is designed so people can get in touch and help each other out while sharing information on their own Marches.

“This could be a really historic day for the country if enough people are willing to show their support for our troops – September 3rd could be a national day of pride,” said Graham Parker.