£16.8million school fund proposals

Alfreton Park Special School will receive £400,000 for a hydrotherapy pool project and £170,000 to recover a flat roof under new Derbyshire County Council proposals.

A £16.837 million proposed package of improvements for Derbyshire schools and children’s homes is to be considered by Derbyshire County Council on Monday 2 June.

Other proposed modernisation improvements include £60,000 for Leys Junior School, Alfreton, for internal reorganisation of teaching spaces.

Outline plans include: £12.336 million for capital maintenance projects, with £6.956 million of that being set aside for priority condition-related work such as re-wiring, re-roofing or heating replacements and £.4.501 million for basic need schemes for 2014/2015 to provide additional school places.

A pot of £500,000 of the cash would be earmarked for joint funding initiatives with schools, where the authority provides 50 per cent of funding, which is matched by a school to make improvements. A further £100,000 of the cash would also be put aside to improve children’s homes.

Plans are still being made for the remaining £743,693 which will go to Cabinet for approval at a later date.

Councillor Kevin Gillott, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “There’s a huge backlog of school repairs that increase year on year.

“We’re making the most of the money we do get so we give Derbyshire children the best education and start in life but we’re facing unprecedented Government budget cuts.

“We’ve given highest priority to buildings in the worst condition or where improvements are needed for health and safety reasons.

“However, there is no hiding my disappointment at the level of funding provided to the council by the Coalition Government.”