£100k investment planned to breath new life into Mansfield’s struggling town centre market

Mansfield Market Place.
Mansfield Market Place.

Mansfield’s struggling town centre market could be set for a new lease of life after plans were revealed for a £100,000 investment plan.

But traders have slammed the plans, saying that proposed rent increases and smaller stall spaces could put them out of business.

Mansfield District Council has also come under fire for discounting 4,000 responses that were part of a public consultation because they claim the people who submitted them had been misled.

The plans propose to complete re-structure of the open-air market space in front of the town hall, with a new layout, new stalls and dining area.

Councillor Stewart Rickersey, portfolio holder for corporate services, has worked on the proposal report alongside retail experts and market researchers.

He said: “There is no doubt this is an ambitious plan, but it is very much needed for Mansfield to remain a vibrant market town.

“I want to see Mansfield go from strength to strength and a prosperous market has to be at the centre of the future plan for our town.”
However, traders on the market have expressed mixed views about the recommendations.

Whilst some of them are pleased with elements of the plans, many of them have slated the council for decisions that could be ‘detrimental’ to their businesses.

The report recommends that Mondays should be axed completely as a market day - leaving traders only able to operate five days a week, Tuesday-Saturday.
A full report will be available in tomorrow’s Chad.