Meden Vale residents feel like a 'forgotten village' as concerns over 'inadequate' community park increase

Melissa Pemberton, a mother of four from Meden Vale feels the park is too ‘dangerous’ for children under three. And said: “There is not enough here for the teenagers either.”

By Phoebe Cox
Thursday, 16th June 2022, 11:03 am
Updated Thursday, 16th June 2022, 6:35 pm

Meden Vale, a village within Warsop Parish, was in previous years under Bassetlaw council but now falls under the Mansfield district.

The area was known as Welbeck Colliery Village prior to its renaming in the 1960s.

Some parents and councillors in the village have long-since expressed concerns over the lack of funding in the area.

Residents Aaron Marriott, Rikki Leigh Norris, Melanie Norris, Melissa Pemberton, Coun Phil Shields and Coun Derek Scaysbrook discuss their vision for the park.

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    The community park, along Netherfield Lane, is a major concern for the community.

    But many feel that residents’ demands for investment from local councils have historically been 'ignored'.

    Coun Phil Shields of Meden Vale said: “The council refers to parks like this as pocket parks but I think they should be called village parks.

    ”I have been asking the council for three years to put £50,000 in this park and the same for the park in Church Warsop. It feels like any council funding seems to be spent on Berry Hill park at the minute.

    Parents and children feel that the park needs more suitable facilities for all ages.

    "We should be promoting all parks in the district, especially one like this in a village where we keep losing facilities, like the doctors and Three Lions pub. The village is always forgotten.”

    Meden Vale resident and mum of four, Melissa Pemberton said: “In my opinion, the age range of the park is from ages 4 to 11.

    "It is too dangerous for children under three but there is not enough here for the teenagers either.

    “My son is 12 and I have asked him why he goes out of the village to play and he says that it is because it is boring here. I asked why he doesn't use the park and I got the same reply.

    Indi, Halleluyah, Kai Cooper, Ollie Copland, Ollie Fawcett, Megan Stuart, Chantelle-May, Megan Lee, Kye and Makenly shared their views.

    "People always say we are a forgotten village – and it is true.”

    Melanie Norris, a resident of the village, said: "You see these brilliant parks locally in Mansfield and wonder why it is not as good here.”

    Aaran Marriott, a parent from the village said that residents had tried to form a committee before but nothing came from it.

    Residents said that they hoped something proactive would come from sharing their concerns and meeting with one another.

    Derek Scaysbrook, a new Parish Councillor for the village, said: “I have asked for council meetings here. I hope to bring council funding to this side of the River Meden too.”

    Children from the village at Eastlands Junior School voiced their concerns and vision for the park.

    Hallelujah Durosawo, aged 9, said: “I would like a parkour course. A climbing and obstacle space. The park where I used to live was much bigger and had more fun things to do there.”

    Indi Jean Twinn, a 10-year-old student, said: “You have to travel quite a bit to visit decent parks. The Carrs in Warsop is where people usually go. There isn’t anything here for little kids or us.”

    The children said they hoped for better football facilities, swings and more seating area for children and families.

    Dave Keegan, Deacon of Meden Vale and Warsop Methodist Church, said: “I think the community needs to work together on these issues. It will be good for the kids and families. We need a bigger plan that incorporates all concerns and projects in the village. It is time to meet the needs of the community.”

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    Mansfield Council said it would ‘love’ to invest more money in our parks.

    Coun Andy Burgin, council portfolio holder for environment and leisure, said: “Ideally, Mansfield Council would love to invest more in our parks across the district.

    “The budget for them has increased slightly, but we are limited by the current financial climate and it still has to stretch to maintaining and keeping safe more than 150 parks and open spaces across the district.

    “The play area at the park in Meden Vale is very similar to what can be found in many other parks across the district, so it would not be fair to say Meden Vale is being forgotten about by the council.

    “The equipment there is well maintained and remains in very good condition after being repainted five years ago. It is checked weekly by our parks team and annually by an external inspector.

    “If new housing developments planned for the Meden Vale area move forward, they will bring with them more funding and investment in play facilities for this area, as part of developer planning obligations.

    “The community could also tap into possible external funding streams for their park, if local people banded together and formed a friends group for the park, as has happened at other parks in the district.

    “We hope this will be something that happens in Meden Vale.

    “The investment in Berry Hill Park is particular. When the council took on responsibility for this park, the facilities there were in fairly urgent need of investment.

    “Berry Hill Park was also considered to be best placed among all of the council-managed parks in the district to promote further as a potential Destination Park for bigger events, to try to attract more visitors to the district.

    “This was due to its location, size, geography and its existing facilities. It is, for instance, the only park in the district to have an athletics track – now upgraded to national track standards. This decision was about how to make best use of the assets we currently have.”