Private prescription and home visit service in Mansfield: Quick appointment times seven days a week

Forbes Medical Services
With severe pressure on the NHS and waiting times even to see a GP sometimes stretching to weeks, one highly trained local paramedic has started his own business to help out his local community.

Forbes Medical Services is a private service run by paramedic practitioner Daniel Forbes, who lives and works in the Mansfield area.

Dan can make house calls throughout Nottinghamshire, or do virtual phone or video calls anywhere in the UK, booking appointment times to suit the patient.

He’s a highly trained professional with 12 years of NHS experience, and is committed to offering a service which he thinks will be in huge demand, at a very affordable cost.

As a paramedic practitioner Dan (32) has been trained to treat and assess a huge array of medical conditions. He’s been given enhanced training and qualifications, and much like a local GP he can prescribe medications and review symptoms.

By offering appointments seven days a week Dan is confident he will be able to offer patients two vital extra things – appointments at times that suit them, and the gift of time, to talk through their worries and agree an appropriate treatment plan without the time pressures of an NHS environment.

His service also includes home visits, which is particularly important for those with young children (he will see patients 12 months and older) or for people whose mobility is restricted and who find attending appointments troublesome.

Dan said: “We all know how pressured the NHS is … I still work there, and in my day job do a lot of the work on behalf of GP practices like home visits for  acute assessments for illnesses and injuries. I also work in local urgent care centres, seeing and treating people of all ages with different medical problems.

 “Recently I saw a patient who had an eight hour wait to be seen, but whose appointment really only needed a ten minute consultation and a prescription of antibiotics for a chest infection.

“I know that my private service – which is carried out in my own time – will offer patients a safe, reliable and affordable alternative. And by always seeing the same paramedic practitioner at my clinic there is a real continuity of care, and the chance to grow confidence in a professional relationship.”

How does it work?

Starting from just £29, you can book a virtual phone or video appointment with Dan, or a home visit starting from £40. He can assess patients for ailments as diverse as:

- Chest infections

- Skin infections

- Viral infections

- Urine infections

- Rashes

- Viral illness such as cold sores, colds, flu, chicken pox and shingles

- Non-NHS approved medications such as malaria medication for trips abroad.

The full list is available here.  

He can issue electronic private prescriptions, sent directly to your phone or email, which can be redeemed at any pharmacy in the UK, often for just a few pounds in cost. Patients are able to phone around pharmacies to ensure they get the best price to redeem their prescription.

Forbes Medical Services

Why choose Forbes Medical?

Patients can book a call or visit to fit around their own busy life without needing to phone repeatedly to a GP practice in the hope of getting an elusive appointment.

Dan gives his patients the gift of time, with an unhurried appointment offered, often on the same day.

They also get continuity of care; any follow up consultations are also conducted by Dan.

A service you can trust

Dan is fully trained as a paramedic practitioner, making him one of the most highly trained in his profession; he is DBS checked and fully insured, and his services are fully confidential – he can, if you wish, share his diagnosis and treatment plan with your GP, but that is not necessary.

Find out more and book your appointment at or email or call Dan on [email protected] or call 07863 352333.