Mansfield Cat Rescue has a number of felines looking for new homes.Mansfield Cat Rescue has a number of felines looking for new homes.
Mansfield Cat Rescue has a number of felines looking for new homes.

Mansfield charity seeks ‘fur-ever’ homes for rescued cats

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A home-based cat rescue centre in Mansfield – run by volunteers providing temporary homes for left-behind cats – is seeking donations and support.

Mansfield Cat Rescue, a registered charity, was established in 2017.

The volunteers rehabilitate and rehome stray, feral and unwanted cats in Mansfield and the surrounding areas.

The rescue centre does not have a central shelter, but is a home-based foster organisation with 30-plus volunteers taking care of cats in their own homes.

Cecilia Bennett, rescue owner, set up the charity to focus on cats left behind by other organisations, which she said are likely down to individual temperaments and high vet bills.

Cecilia said: “Many rescues will find space for kittens and friendly owned cats, but in the meantime the number of feral and strays are increasing at an alarming rate.

“We wanted to prioritise these most vulnerable cats, who are at risk of disease and injury, and give them a brighter future.

“During coronavirus lockdowns, we adapted to comply with restrictions meaning we could continue our work. However, the demand is exceptional.

“We pride ourselves on caring for the ‘lost boys’ many others overlook.

“These are injured and poorly, unneutered males who need a lot of input after years of roaming and fighting.

“We are currently in the midst of a stray cat crisis which is exacerbated by people not neutering their cats.

“Neutering protects against unwanted pregnancies, but also the spread of diseases such as FIP and FELV.

“It reduces spraying, fighting and cats roaming in search of a mate and becoming lost.

“We have no paid staff and are doing a huge amount of the work for a fraction of the funding larger national organisations receive – and we rely entirely on public donations.”

The rescue centre currently has 100 cats in its care, from kittens being hand-reared to older, convalescent cats.

The charity also runs a scheme for the older generation to help combat loneliness, offering older people the opportunity to long-term foster a senior cat.

The rescue centre provides financial assistance with vet bills.

Cecilia said people can support the charity by following and sharing the Mansfield Cat Rescue Facebook page – – or by making a donation via the centre’s Amazon wish list or Justgiving.