Cost-effective and convenient chimney maintenance and repair service across Nottinghamshire

This unique chimney maintenance and repair service company could fix your problems without costly scaffolding – saving you time and money.

Danny Iwanejko, from DJI High Access Services, has over 25 years’ experience in the building trade but now specialises in chimney maintenance and repair work, using a cherry picker capable of accessing any roof quickly and safely, without the need for scaffolding.

“The cherry picker is so practical,” explains Danny, who works across Nottinghamshire. The highly portable piece of kit can be transported to any site and means Danny can carry out repairs with the minimum of disruption.

“I bring everything I need with me, including power and equipment, so the houseowner doesn’t even need to be in their home, I can have been and completed the work and cleaned up before they come home,” he said.

That’s not to say his customers are not consulted throughout the process as to what repairs need doing. He will carry out a free roof survey and report service to explain any things he thinks may need some attention on the chimney and roof.

“I do not ever want to sell people things they don’t need,” says Danny. “The service I offer is honest and transparent. I’ll photograph any issues I think need attention and include them in a report to the customer explaining what the problems are and how they can be fixed.”

And when it comes to price, using the cherry picker can significantly reduce the final bill for chimney and roof work.

“The cost of my services to complete the whole job can sometimes be the same as what people would pay just for the scaffolding. And then they’ll be waiting for the scaffold to be erected and for it to be taken down, making the whole job last longer,” he said.

So, why do we need to worry about our chimneys?

Well, just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean there may not be problems – issues such as loose chimney pots, whether or not a chimney is capped or missing pointing can sometimes be seen from street level, but whether the top of the chimney stack is in good order often can’t.

“Generally I get a call when people start to notice damp stains on the chimney breast,” says Danny. “Once that has happened unfortunately you have got more costly repairs to do.”

After assessing the roof and chimney he will provide the report and photographs with suggestions as to what can be done to repair and maintain it. He says he wants householders to fully understand any problems and is keen to ensure they know what he is recommending and why.

“If you do not have a trade background someone could tell you anything and you have to believe them – you’re unlikely to go up on the roof to check for yourself,” he says.

Find out more

Find out more on the website here. Or contact Danny via email on [email protected]  or by calling 07776 306399  for chimney maintenance and repair work within 20 miles of NG6 postcode.



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