Concerns grow over Warsop housing development as construction work continues

More than 80 residents flocked to a public meeting to raise concerns over a housing development in Warsop.

By Phoebe Cox
Tuesday, 14th June 2022, 1:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th June 2022, 5:11 pm

Planning permission was initially granted for up to 400 homes on land off Sookholme Lane, near Sookholme Brook and the River Meden, in 2018, despite strong local opposition.

However, the finer details have taken more than three years to resolve, with issues over drainage and proximity to existing homes.

And more than 80 residents flocked to Warsop Ex-Servicemen’s Club, on Carr Lane, on Monday, to highlight their concerns, ahead of councillors meeting the developer and its contractors.

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Andy Willètts shares a view from Sookholme Drive, Warsop.

Coun Debra Barlow, Mansfield Council Independent member for Market Warsop and a founding member of the campaign group Let Warsop Speak, told the meeting: “We are standing up here to support and hopefully guide all of you, to getting the best outcome from an application that has been filled with anomalies.

“Everyone in this room has been fully aware a quarry is here and it is concerning that highly qualified engineers were unaware of this and continue construction work. We want to hear your thoughts.”

She was joined by Coun Andy Burgin, Coun Andy Wetton, Coun Karen Hardy, and Coun Roy Butler to document concerns and hear residents’ questions.

Diane Rose, of Church Street, Warsop said: “My sympathies are with the residents – I can hear the machinery from the centre of town. I worry greatly for the wildlife too.

Coun Debra Barlow, of Mansfield Council.

"The loud digging through the ground rock is happening through the height of nesting and breeding season, no-one in authority seems the slightest bit concerned.

“The UK is one of the most nature-depleted areas, and with planning authorities favouring development regardless of cost or its impact on the environment, you can see why.”

Coun Hardy, of Warsop Parish Council, said: "The people living in the vicinity of the new Stonebridge development appear to be treated as collateral damage by Mansfield Council planning and the developers.

“The constant dust, noise, vibrations which are damaging property and now rat infestations are unacceptable. The parish council will support residents with getting these issues resolved.

“We will ensure building conditions are adhered to in the future.”

Resident Andy Willètts of Sookholme Drive, Warsop, said: "There are skylarks nesting in the field at the bottom of my garden where excavation is due to take place next.

“I just hope that wildlife will be considered before they start working in the second field.”

However, some people supported the development.

Billy Barlow, of Appleton Street, Warsop, who has worked on new-builds throughout the area said: “People moan there are not enough houses in the area, but then moan when some are built.

“I have a groundwork background. It brings jobs, footfall and new houses to the area.”

And Jack Clark said: “Are people forgetting their houses were once built on land just the same?”