Uncertainty over Ford’s hot hatch

Uncertainty remains over whether the next generation Ford Fiesta ST will go into production, according to an announcement at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

However, for European markets it looks extremely unlikely that the model won’t go ahead.

Traditionally, powerful Ford hatchbacks have always sold well, especially in the key UK and German markets.

During a presentation where a total of eight new or revised models were announced, a Ford spokesman said that at this stage the Fiesta ST is hanging in the balance, pending further investigation into the financial implications of launching such a model.

The Fiesta ST would, on past performances, be a sure-fire success in the UK.

The previous generation ST model sold very well, as did the less powerful but still aggressively styled Zetec S.

At present, the Fiesta has no ST derivative and the hot version is planned for the next incarnation, which will boast the new family ‘face’ seen on the Evos concept, that Ford is to roll-out across its cars globally.

If it is eventually put into production, the Fiesta ST will be powered by a 1.6-litre EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engine, with around 180bhp.

It will also - hypothetically speaking - be available with a choice of three or five doors.

Expect to see it in UK showrooms within the next year or two at most.