Taking the options option

Half the fun of buying a new car is scouring the glossy brochure and contemplating which exciting optional equipment you’d like it to come with.

There’s usually a vast choice of tempting titbits to tickle your fancy and many buyers end up paying far and away over the list price for the privilege of adding their own personal touch to their new vehicle.

Different manufacturers take different routes when it comes to equipment levels, some bump up their standard spec, others load it all onto the options list but, when it comes to the crunch, which gadgets do motorists value most?

A survey carried out by Auto Express has revealed the answers.

The top five most valued features that we have in our cars runs in descending order as follows: Air-conditioning, cup-holder, audio system, adjustable/reclining seats, satellite navigation.

The least valued, on the other hand, ranked from one to five as; Ashtray, cup holder, cigarette lighter, instrument dimmer and rain sensitive wipers.

It seems that opinion is split on the humble cup holder but smoking paraphernalia is a no-no for the majority of motorists and good old air-conditioning wins out as the driver’s favourite.

Sat-nav is an interesting inclusion as it’s a comparatively new development. Is this technology that we’re going to be seeing more often in new cars?