Slackliner Dickey walks high into record books

A WOMAN who walked a slackline between two Volvo trucks driving at full speed has become an overnight sensation after a film about the stunt was posted on You Tube where it received almost four million hits in nine days.

American slackliner Faith Dickey is the world record-holder in highlining - a new sport which is all about walking on a line as high and far as possible.

“I’m used to heights, long lines and lines that sway in the wind but those lines are firmly anchored to cliff-faces. Walking a line attached to two moving points is something different,” said Faith.

The idea began as a way to test the precision of Volvo’s massive 16-wheeled trucks and was recorded - after meticulous planning - on an almost completed new stretch of motorway in Croatia, with no oncoming traffic.

“Nobody has ever before walked a line between two moving trucks before,” said the film’s director is Oscar-nominated Henry Alex Rubin. “My favourite kind of shoot is when someone tells me something is impossible to film. When I hear no, it makes me want to move mountains.”

The driving force behind the film was Volvo Trucks which wanted to highlight the stability and handling of the company’s latest truck model - the new Volvo FH.