Save on cost of your fuel

WITH autumn in full swing, millions of UK motorists face a shaky outlook as the cost of fuel continues to rise.

Prices have increased steadily throughout the year and are almost at the same level they reached at their peak in 2009, according to the AA’s latest figures.

These high fuel prices come as planned rises in rail fares leave families and commuters with even less transport choice. And the general state of the economy at the moment means many people have less disposable income to begin with. Simply the only way in which the individual can reduce the size of their fuel bill is to use less of it. Five simple tips could help shave 10 or even 20 per cent off the average fuel bill and cost nothing to implement:

- Tyre pressures are crucial not only for safety but also for rolling resistance, which is how much friction there is between the tyre and the road.

Keep your tyres at their optimum pressure and you minimise rolling resistance while maximising grip.

- Air conditioning is a wonderful thing in summer but it does use extra fuel. Switch it off when it’s not required.

- Clutter in the boot adds weight to your car and a heavier car requires more fuel to make it move, so remove everything you don’t need.

- Having your windows open creates extra wind resistance which saps fuel. Keep them closed whenever possible.

- Finally, and most importantly, driving with good anticipation is the key to fuel efficiency. Ideally your speed should change as little as possible. Looking well ahead will mean you have to stop less often as you blend into traffic.