Range Rover quality

RANGE Rover Evoque may tone down its coupe sibling’s bold styling a notch or two, but it might just be the more handsome package.

With the same length and width but more headroom in the back, it means that style and practicality needn’t be mutually exclusive concepts.

In a move that’s bound to have Land Rover traditionalists chewing through their Barbours, a front-wheel drive version of the Evoque five-door is likely to be the biggest seller.

Land Rover are quick to point out the emissions and economy advantages of a front-wheel drive model and, if we’re being properly pragmatic, most of them will never tackle anything more arduous than a gravel driveway, so it makes solid sense to offer a front-wheel drive variant.

Such is the brilliance of Land Rover’s electronic control systems, it would take some quite extreme conditions before even a front-driven Evoque could continue no further.

There’s a decent selection of engines to choose from with the most popular likely to be one of the two 2.2-litre turbodiesel units (either 149 or 188bhp).

A turbocharged 238bhp 2.0-litre Si4 petrol engine combines direct fuel injection and twin variable valve timing and promises exceptional driveability and performance.