Oh Mii, now it’s ideal for life in the city

Seat’s Mii city car now has added appeal thanks to the introduction of an automatic version, even better suited to taxing urban traffic.

The sequential transmission contributes to improved economy, 2.7mpg better on average than the Mii Sport, which has the same 1.0-litre 75PS engine with a manual gearbox. CO2 emissions are slightly lower, too.

The Mii Auto has an average fuel consumption of 62.8mpg and a 105g/km CO2 rating, compared to the manual equivalent’s 60.1mpg and 108g/km.

Based on the manual five-speed gearbox, the automated version does away with a manually operated clutch, instead utilising an electric motor linked to a pair of electromechanical actuators to handle gear changes.

The result is a gearbox with the operation of a traditional automatic transmission, but with light weight and compactness more akin to a manual unit; at around 30kg, the entire gearbox weighs only 3kg more than the Mii’s five-speed manual. The gearbox is only available with the 75PS engine and in SE trim, making Mii Auto a standalone model. There are currently no plans to offer it with the lower-powered 60PS engine (with which it shares identical average economy and CO2 figures).

Performance is only marginally affected by the loss of a manually operated clutch, with the Mii Sport’s 13.2 second 0-62mph benchmark increased slightly to 13.9 seconds in the Mii Auto. Top speed remains at 106mph.

The Mii Auto comes in both three- and five-door body styles and is available to order now, priced at £10,390 and £10,740 RRP OTR respectively. The first cars will hit the road in early November.