Looking back: 10 years ago

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A business targeted by thugs and ambitious trash-busting plans featured in Chad stories back in December 2003...

Van-dalism issue: A Mansfield business was targeted by thugs who vandalised 12 vans at a vehicle hire firm on New Year’s Day.

Every van in the yard at Economy Self Drive, on Moor Lane, was put out of action with smashed windows, mirrors and steering locks. The firm had to cancel bookings which could cost them thousands.

Big clean-up: Mansfield District Council was to spend a massive £300,000 as part of its trash-busting campaign to make the town the cleanest in Britain. At a cabinet meeting, councillors approved the huge injection of cash to fund a raft of high-profile initiatives to create a spotless town and attract more visitors.

The wide-ranging proposals will target a variety of modern day menaces – from abandoned cars, dog fouling and needle collections to refuse removal, ground maintenance and the sweeping up of fallen leaves.