Kirkby gran's anger as Sutton McDonald's bill her £17 for Caramel Iced Frappe

Lorraine McMonagle was charged over 17 for a coffee at Sutton McDonald's.
Lorraine McMonagle was charged over 17 for a coffee at Sutton McDonald's.

A Kirkby grandmother has been left fuming with McDonald’s after claiming she was charged an eye-watering £17 for an iced coffee.

Lorraine McMonagle, visited the ‘drive-thru’ fast-food restaurant on Priestsic Road, Sutton, to buy a Caramel Ice Frappe, which she does most days.

However, she said she was left shocked after looking at her online banking later on to find that she had been charged £17.94 for the iced coffee - which should only cost £2.29 for a regular and £2.61 for a large.

She cannot remember which size she ordered on the day.

Ms McMonagle said: “I am a long time customer, I don’t eat the food but I like to have a coffee everyday.

“And, they have taken £15 from me - I’m on Universal Credit - that is my food money for the week.

“I obviously paid for someone else’s food.”

The 62-year-old said she drove back to the restaurant and asked McDonald’s staff to meet her in her car outside- as she was only wearing one shoe because of her arthritis.

Ms McMonagle said she felt like she was “treated like a liar” when staff came out to see her with a security guard to look at the transaction on her phone, as she did not have the receipt.

Ms McMonagle said that when staff came to deal with her complaint she was asked to show evidence of her purchase, so she showed them the transaction recorded on a Barclays banking app on her mobile.

“The first thing they said to me was ‘that could be anywhere’.

“I said it shows you where it was."

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She added that she was told staff were not allowed to give her money back, that they had no record of her and left her in the car park.

“I feel like they dismissed me as a liar.

“They have always been kind but I feel like they have stolen from me.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said that they have only been able to “look into” the issue after your Chad sent images of the bank transfer to them on August 20.

The spokesman said: “The customer was unable to provide any evidence of the transaction .

“We are now looking into the issue to find a suitable resolution.”

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