Hydrogen filling station opens

Car giant Honda has opened the UK’s first public hydrogen filling station in Swindon in a move aimed at boosting the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The new station is located at the carmaker’s plant in the Wiltshire town and is operated by industrial gases company BOC.

Honda said it looks like a conventional filling station, with a similar time to fill a vehicle as with petrol. Thomas Brachmann, of Honda, said: “Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the ultimate transport solution.”

, meeting environmental demands but also delivering the range and performance that customers expect.

“The co-operation on this project between vehicle manufacturers like Honda, infrastructure providers like BOC and the public sector can be a blueprint for future development.”

Mike Huggon, managing director of BOC, said: “This is the first commercial-scale, open-access station in the UK.

“It demonstrates that we can build the infrastructure needed to establish a hydrogen-powered transport system. But even with private and public support - as we have here in Swindon - we need Government commitment to make this work across the country as a whole.

“We can provide the tools but the Government has to create the policy framework in which we can build the low carbon infrastructure of tomorrow.”