Fresh look for Agyo

The latest Aygo model gets fresher styling, lower emissions and better fuel economy.

The Fire model majors on sporty details while the Ice version concentrates on comfort and on board connectivity.

Aygo, a citycar first and foremost, majors on being able to step neatly off the line to 20mph and offer good all-round visibility in the process.

The 1.0-litre petrol unit is billed as the world’s lightest production engine.

Ride quality is surprisingly good for what is such a small and inexpensive car and the Aygo is one of those city cars that you wouldn’t mind driving longer distances.

It can keep up with the cut and thrust of motorway

driving although you might need the odd downchange to keep the 67bhp engine on the boil.

Top speed is pegged at 98mph, but with a fair wind and favourable incline, you’ll hit the ton where conditions allow.

The Aygo Fire is the more visually distinctive, with 14-inch alloys, front foglights and LED daytime running lights, rear privacy glass.

The Aygo needs to carve out a niche for itself in terms of

offering great value for money and that’s something the Fire and Ice models do very well.

Where the Fire model will appeal to younger drivers who’d like a neat looking and cheeky city car, the Ice version will appeal to mature buyers who have downsized from something larger.