Clipstone grandad, 89, becomes a hit in Spanish resort for Space Blaster exploits

You would think at the age of 89, grieving for the loss of your beloved wife and having battled skin cancer, you might take it easy.

But not Clipstone’s John Butler, who has become a living legend in the highly-popular Spanish resort of Lloret de Mar, on the sunny Costa Brava.

John had lost his beloved wife Irene in October and had been undergoing gruelling treatment for skin cancer.

After doctors gave him the all clear, two of his grandchildren, brothers Brent and Bradley Ramsell, took John to the resort for a break and to spend some quality time together.

Clipstone's John Butler is officially the oldest person to have tried the Space Blaster ride.

John took the holiday in his stride, and took on the famous Space Blaster ride, where passengers sit in a metal cage, and get catapulted 700 feet into the air at speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour.

Not only did he go on the ride once, but went on a couple of times and got the ‘official’ title of being the oldest person to ride the Space Blaster in its 20-year history.

He became a hit on social media and became the toast of the town following his exploits, being offered drinks and having his photo taken with tourists and local business owners.

Brent said: “People were clapping and cheering when we got off the Space Blaster and days afterwards people were coming up to meet him, because they had heard about him.

“He had a bit of a fan club thing going. He’s an absolute legend and I love him to bits.”

John said: “When you get to my age, you might as well just do things as they come along. I’ve done all sorts of things really so when Brent spoke about the ride, I thought why not do it.”

John, who is also a former miner, had first met Irene, his wife-to-be, when she was 15.

They wed at St Barnabas’s Church in Pleasley, and made a life for themselves and their growing family.

When Irene died in October, she was aged in her 80s, leaving John with many happy memories of their long time together.