FG Automotive – your best friend this winter

FG Automotive are an Approved Bosch Service Centre specialising in Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and BMW.

As a Bosch centre, customers can expect a high standard and quality of work that is necessary to maintain the coveted franchise. They have two centres located in Farnsfield and Mansfield.

They also service and maintain all makes and models of car and light commercial vehicle to the same very high standards.

FG Automotive have recognised accreditations from the Office of Fair Trading, Motor Industry Specialists and are members of the Good Garage Scheme.

With winter rapidly approaching, FG Automotive have some useful tips for motorists:

Check tyre’ conditions, pressures and depths. A minimum 3mm tread is recommended for driving in winter weather.

A 50-50 mix of both water and anti-freeze is required in the cooling system throughout winter weather and can help prevent hundreds of pounds worth of engine damage. Never mix the types of antifreeze.

Traditional anti-freeze should be changed every two years.

If your fan belt squeals once the engine has started the cylinder block or water pump could be frozen. Stop the engine and allow it to thaw out.

Windscreen washer fluid should be topped up and treated with a correct additive to reduce the chance of freezing in cold weather.

Using ordinary engine anti-freeze will damage paintwork.

Consider changing to winter or all season tyres – these have greater silicone content in the tread which prevents it hardening at lower temperatures, and gives better grip in cold wet conditions.

Both centres are also offering a free winter health check on your vehicle to promoted safer motoring. Let them check your car is at its best.

Their FREE winter check includes brake, battery, light and tyre check, all tyre pressures will be adjusted as necessary and oil and screen wash levels topped up free of charge.

Another good tip is to run your air-conditioning on hot to help demist your windscreen as it will dry out condensation in the system which can cause corrosion.

Warm dehumidified air in winter easily demists steamed up windows. You should also, however, run it on hot or cold for five minutes a week at least, even through winter.

This will drive lubricating refrigerant around the system and keep it ticking over.

FG Automotive also offer air conditioning servicing and decontamination, so call to book!

FG Automotive also provide caravan and mobile home care for customers. It is important to have caravans serviced annually.

The touring caravan at the end of the day is a road vehicle with moving parts such as wheels, brakes and a chassis which needs annual checks similar to a car.