EuroMillions winners Gareth and Catherine Bull have no plans to leave Mansfield Woodhouse

AN ecstatic young couple say they have no plans to leave Mansfield Woodhouse despite scooping a massive, life-transforming £40m-plus Lottery jackpot win.

Self-employed builder Gareth Bull and his wife Catherine landed a jaw-dropping £40,627,241, the UK’s seventh biggest ever Lottery win, in Friday’s EuroMillions roll-over draw and were unveiled to the world yesterday.

Euro Millions winners Catherine and Gareth Bull

Euro Millions winners Catherine and Gareth Bull

They instantly find themselves as wealthy as music stars Kylie Minogue, Mick Hucknall and Pete Townshend, each of whose fortunes were estimated at £40m in last year’s Sunday Times Rich List.

Gareth (40) and Catherine (35) said yesterday their win had not yet ‘sunk in’ and admitted they had not even told their two sons, nine-year-old Declan and Joel (10).

“All of this has happened at a crazy fast speed since Saturday and it is hard to keep up,” Gareth, who runs GDB Building Services, told a press conference. “We have our dream home which we built from scratch and it is impossible to think about what we are going to do next yet.”

But Gareth admitted he is already tempted to get a box at his beloved Manchester United and trade in his wheels for a Range Rover Sport.

While Catherine said she ‘did not like shopping’ and her ambitions only stretched to getting a new carpet for her landing.

They also plan to give some of the fortune away to their ‘nearest and dearest’ and to charity.

Catherine, who works in health insurance, says supporting breast cancer sufferers was something she felt ‘strongly’ about.

The couple’s magic numbers were 2, 10, 22, 27 and 28, and the winning Lucky Star numbers were 06 and 08.

Gareth puts their amazing stroke of luck down to simply not wanting to get wet on a rainy day while out doing his job in Aspley.

He bought the ticket on a whim, from Nisa in Aspley, because he couldn’t start a building job in the wet weather. He and the lads he works with drove to the shop, which he had never been to before, and bought one Lucky Dip ticket.

On Saturday morning, Catherine was getting her two sons ready for football when Gareth walked in ‘white as a sheet’. Gareth knew he had the two Lucky Star numbers and after checking on TV it had quickly dawned on him that he had more of the special figures than he thought.

“The ticket was shaking in his hand and I knew that something wasn’t right,” Catherine said.

“When he tried to explain that he thought we’d won I thought he was pulling my leg. I was in the middle of straightening my hair and told him I wasn’t very happy with being teased.

“My head was in bits and I thought from the numbers matched we had won £4,000, then I thought it was £40,000 - but the zeros and commas were all in the wrong place and we couldn’t work it out.

“At one point we thought it was as much as £4m but we couldn’t see straight and it didn’t seem real.”

But the couple agreed to put the win to the back of their minds for the weekend, carried on getting the kids ready for football and went to the cinema to watch Puss in Boots in 3D.

And Gareth even managed to visit Debdale Park Sports Club without letting on to any of his friends.

All the time the ticket was kept in a mini-safe at their home before they moved it to their bedside cabinet for Sunday night. Catherine said: “We have not celebrated, smiled or gone wild about it yet. Talking here (to the press) is the first time we have talked about it.”

One thing not on the agenda is leaving Mansfield Woodhouse.

Catherine said they already had their dream home and it was ‘lovely’ living there. And Gareth described his neighbours as ‘bang on’.