Electric Mini E trial completed

THE BMW Group, with support from the Government, has just completed its latest Mini E test programme, which saw 40 of the cars leased to private and fleet users.

A total of 138 drivers then used them over 12 months. More than 250,000 miles were driven in the cars during the trial, with one female commuter covering nearly 8,000 miles through autumn and winter alone.

The average cost to each of the drivers was just 2p per mile, with the average journey distance being just less than 30 miles.

Almost all charging was done at home, on average three times per week.

Nine out of 10 of the drivers said the charging ‘regime’ actually suited their lifestyle, and 96% said they would consider buying an electric car having lived with one for a length of time.

In contrast to the widely publicised range anxiety issue, three-quarters of the people in the Mini E test said that driving efficiently and using the regenerative braking to try to get to their destinations using as little charge as possible became a game, and therefore fun.

The speed of charging was an issue for fleet users, and fleet managers highlighted the need for a clear procedure for the recharging of a pool of electric cars.

However, fleet drivers reported that the Mini E was effective for 70% of the journeys made during the working day (compared to 80% for private users).