Cleaner and greener new Corsa CDTI

VAUXHALL has announced a new variant of the Corsa with lower CO2 emissions than any production Vauxhall except the Ampera.

Producing just 88g/km of carbon dioxide in three-door form, the latest Corsa 1.3 CDTi EcoFlex’s figures are 26% lower than those of the first Corsa EcoFlex five years ago.

Peak combined fuel consumption for the new model is 85.6mpg, again for the lighter three-door model. A five-door version is available with efficiency stats of 89g/km and 83.1mpg.

The three-door represents a 6g/km and 2.4mpg improvement over the 2011 version of the same car. All the improvements have come through small upgrades within the engine circuit.

Power and torque from the diesel engine stand at 94bhp and 140lb.ft, the latter of which is available in the ideal rev range, from 1,750 to 3,250rpm. Top speed is 109mph and 0-62mph takes 12.3 seconds.

The wider Corsa range should now benefit from a more comfortable ride at low speeds, especially around town.

The suspension and damping characteristics have been altered to increase the car’s appeal in its natural environment. All models are available to order now.