Church Warsop band had "time of their lives" performing at Rock City

The band whilst performing on the night.
The band whilst performing on the night.

A Warsop band have described landing the biggest gig of their career so far - performing at Nottingham's iconic Rock City.

Brad Dear and the March played the venue last week, supporting Celtic punk legends Flogging, after only being together for a few months.

Lead singer Brad Dear said: "I didn't really get nervous until I'd realised we were on in a few minutes.

"I've been a big fan of Flogging Molly since my early teens so to get to see them play live was insane. They were so good and they were lovely, really welcoming, and chilled out.

"They were really kind in the way they spoke, telling us to keep going and never stop. They said they chose us to support them because of our real sound and the lyrics relating to the trials and tribulations of life, which was very humbling to hear after I've worked on these songs for years.

"It was a great experience that I'll always remember and, hopefully, of the back of this, we will get more gigs, festivals and touring along with some new music on the way soon"

Drummer Ollie Siggee added: "Flogging Molly are the nicest band I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. They were very open to conversation and very helpful.
"Leading up to the night it was tiring as we were squashing lots of rehearsals in but it was definitely worth it and I would do it again"

Sam Maltby, bass guitarist said: "I was nervous but it was more exciting than anything, Flogging Molly were brilliant both on stage and afterwards.

Laura Wilcockson, who played the Violin and performed the Backing Vocals said: "The build up to the show was really exciting, and I enjoyed how much energy we shared as a group.
"We are a relatively new band so we've spent a lot of time rehearsing the songs and getting to know each other better, which has been loads of fun, we've all been so excited for weeks."