Caught in Spyder’s perfect web

You might know someone like this: fantastically good-looking, highly intelligent, charismatic and extremely nice.

Anyone with one or more of these attributes is bad enough but combined it makes for a thoroughly irritating combination, chiefly because you’ve no reason not to like them.

And so it is with Audi’s R8. It started off as an athletic Coupe, turned even more brawny with the introduction of the V10 and more glamorous with the Spyder version. Then they rolled out the harder and lighter GT Coupe which seemingly had it all. So now Audi has created arguably the most irritatingly perfect R8 of them of all with the introduction of the R8 GT Spyder.

It combines the hardcore specification of the GT, which comprises of lots of lightweight carbonfibre, more power and tauter suspension, and then slots it into the glorious drop-top bodyshell of the Spyder - so it’s like a supermodel with a PhD in astrophysics that makes a mean roast potato and raises money for charity at the same time...

It’s the looks that get you first, though. The carbonfibre add-ons can be hidden by darker shades but in the matte white finish that the test car appeared in, the slivers of lightweight material add purpose to the shape.

The grey alloy wheels help, too - it would take a particularly hard heart not to find the R8 GT Spyder a totally arresting shape. There’s no skimping on the inside, which benefits from a similar range of enhancements.

There are lightweight bucket seats which not only help to shave a few pounds and grip you tightly but also look fantastic.