Council says no to electric taxi

A bemused Warsop taxi driver who forked out on an environmentally friendly electric car was snubbed by staff at Mansfield District Council when he inquired about a Hackney Carriage licence because his vehicle doesn't have an engine.

Thursday, 17th August 2017, 5:48 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:16 pm

Ryan Smith, 33, from Warsop, told your Chad he contacted the licencing department at the authority on three occasions, and said he was told by staff that because he could not state the vehicle’s cc, he could not make an application.

Ryan, who drives for ACE-ABC in Mansfield, also applied to Bolsover District Council, who welcomed the Tesla electric car with opened arms because of its environmentally-friendly credentials.

Ryan said: “It would be nice to work in the district I live in.

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“When I rang the licensing team at the council they originally turned the car down because it has no engine cc.

“They then told me a few weeks later when I rang again, that it could not be licensed because they can not provide any infrastructure, which doesn’t make sense because the council do not provide charging points.

“It is a pity for them it would have shown the council in a positive light.

“It would not have cost them anything. I gave both councils the same opportunities and when I rang Bolsover they were all for it .”

The car which was around £85,000 new has a boot in the front and back of the car because the motor is small enough to sit under the back seats.

Ryan picked up his new car on Monday, August 14.

He said: “It is an expensive car and I did buy it myself .

“I think it is a bit backwards that they are not accepting my car as a taxi as it is more economical.”

Ryan started taxing in the car on Monday, August 21 in the Bolsover area.

He said: “I had the same problem with Mansfield District Council when I tried to bring in hybrid cars a few years ago.

“The electric car will do 268 to 310 miles off one charge.”

A spokesman for Mansfield District Council said: “Mr Smith has not submitted an application for a taxi licence to Mansfield District Council, so it would be difficult to comment on the merits of any application.”