Austerity puts the brakes on luxury sales

Hard times are putting the brake on sales of luxury second-hand cars.

Average used-car prices for top brands such as Aston Martin, Jaguar and Bentley have gone down by up to ten per cent over the last month, according to search engine

Buyers looking for second-hand cars are mainly opting 
for fuel-efficient rather than luxury models, the company added.

It said the average price of a used car in Britain had fallen 1.5 per cent to £8,942 in the last three months.

The best deals at the moment are in Wales and south-west England, where the aver-
age popular model is £300 cheaper than in other parts of Britain.

In Scotland, used-car prices have dipped eight per cent since earlier in the year, while Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol and Plymouth have seen the largest six-month falls in used car prices.

The average used motor in these cities cost just £7,744 this month – 10 per cent less than the national average.

Most expensive

Reading and Cambridge remain the most expensive 
cities in the UK to pick up a second-hand vehicle, with average prices for the last six months consistently above £12,500.

Adzuna co-founder Andrew Hunter said: “It’s clear from these statistics that as we approach Christmas, cost, reliability and practicality are of paramount importance to car buyers in Britain today.”